I Love Her

So a few days ago I told my girlfriend that I loved her and she said it back. She has not told me without me saying it to her first. That does not really matter to me though. So today I found out that I really do love her. She makes me so happy; I found myself having an all out amazing day with her today. Its not everyday that you can just sit there and laugh. Just thinking about her makes me happier than any other guy in the world!

Are BF/GF Best Friends?

My girl friend and I get along really well but her best friend is a guy is this weird? I just find it hard for guys and girls to be just friends unless they are your ex. Well these two never went out. Maybe it is because he is such a little girl and I mean seriously he actually cries and the stuff he posts to his tumblr is girly and all. Im just unsure of all of this and it really adds drama to a relationship. THIS SUCKS!
(BTW Im Not Asian Although Its Not Like Thats A Bad Thing)


Today was ok. I found myself standing with a kid i dont really like in the morning because my girlfriend was late to school. I personally feel bad that my girlfriend is my best friends sister, but at first sight I knew that she was the one. So back to today, my day was ok until the bus ride home. On the way home the kid behind me kept stealing my hat, not to tease me but just cuz he was playing around but yet it was gettin on my nerves anyway. When I got home i was a little bored so i just sat there and thought about things. Turns out the more I think about it my Alek definitely like my girlfriend. Alek is not the coolest person every or the "best" but he is kinda. So my girlfriend and him were playing twister at the party over the weekend and jami is very flexible so alek and jami kept on getting in these positions that were very awkward. I feel like if it was me playing twistor I would have quit because thats just plain out rude... maybe im just dwelling but for some reason it makes me nervous to know that she i have to now compete for her.